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Manifest Your Desire

  • Make cosmic ordering a reality
  • Manifest anything that you truly desire
  • The true magic of wishcraft
  • 100 times more powerful than goal setting
  • Fully guaranteed
These Products Can be Used in Any Environment ( Even Whilst You Sleep).. No Headphones Required

What is a Manifestation?

Manifestation is the art (or science) of making things happen in this plane of existence or material world

 Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer often refer to the Field of Intent. If you place your desire or wish in the field of intent it will manifest in the material (real) world. 

For centuries sorcerers have practised real magick for healing, gain and enlightenment. They have done this through meditation and incantation, often with astonishing results.

You may have read about the success gurus like Anthony Robbins and Robert Allen who achieve great success for themselves and others by creating goals and focusing on them every day. Visualizing each aspect in detail. This is a basic principle of manifestation but not the whole story.

How can you or I reach this magical field of intent without years of commitment and practice ?  

 How can we make our dreams become reality, our wishes come true, our desires manifest ?


How Does Our Product Work ?

We selected a number of successful people. Some were materially successful, some were great healers or motivators, some seemed to have amazing power over the opposite sex. Others were great artists and others had a successful marriage and family life.

All the successful people had one thing in common. When they were focused and intent on their wish we saw similar brainwave patterns emerge again and again.

It seemed that the ability to manifest has a reproducible and re-creatable brain pattern. We have been able to recreate this pattern using brainwave harmonics and binaural induction.

Further research showed that the dominant pattern was similar but certain sub harmonics varied. There was a dominant sub harmonic for healing and a different one for manifesting material gain. There was yet another for sexual magnetism and another for psychic ability.

In all we discovered 7 sets of sub-harmonics that influenced material gain, sexual magnetism, healing, love, artistic ability, psychic ability and spirituality.

The 7 sets of sub-harmonics were superimposed on the basic manifestation pattern. It was found that combining the necessary sub harmonic with the dominant manifestation pattern, gave much faster and more consistent results than by using the dominant manifestation pattern alone. All 7 sub-harmonic/manifestation patterns are available by clicking the buttons to the left.

What Does It Sound Like ?

The method of incorporation combines several techniques, including: brainwave entrainment using binaural beats, brainwave entrainment using isochronic beats and frequency following techniquesThis unique combination of techniques absolutely ensures the brainwave and manifestation patterns are tuned to exactly the right frequencies.  The way the music works makes sure this happens very quickly. Each music suite lasts for 60 minutes. As you listen to the sound patterns you visualize your desires in complete detail. Each time you do this you are closer to manifesting your desires in reality.

Unlike many other binaural beat products the beats or frequencies are not simply embedded or masked by the music.  The binaural harmonics are themselves incorporated into each note of the musical composition.  This is an original and innovative approach which ensures maximum effectiveness. The isochronic component works alongside the binaural beats which means that you can listen to the manifestation programs anywhere; you do not need headphones to get the benefits.

All products are available as instant download  

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A selection of Testimonials:

I bought the full series about 3 months ago and things are just starting to happen. I won a video camera and a shopping spree. I have also just met someone who could be the one. Fingers crossed. Thanks again. KM, USA

I am impressed with the manifestation download. What can I say, I just got a raise !!.     Alain, Montreal

I have bought many of your products in the past and just had to try this. As ever, your products really deliver. You have turned my health around and now my life !! I just got my dream job , with a car allowance, medical, pension, wow.  MT, California

Health manifestation is spot on. I am using it for remote healing and getting some positive effects  David, UK

Many thinks for the manifestation series. Things are hotting up - if you know what I mean. Also had a few wins on the horses and now off to Ibiza. Is it really this easy                             Mikey, Guildford

Very inspirational and relaxing. It helps with my writers block  Ronnie M, Mexico

I am truly astonished. I worked with this for a couple of weeks and my health improved quite quickly. I had an eye tic for more than a year - I just willed it away in less than a week. The same with my tennis elbow - gone in less than a week. I feel a lot more confident too. Michelle Glass, UK

Awesome!!!!!! Peter Avis, London

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